Let’s prove it to you

We believe in Brand Substance Marketing.

We believe that all marketing ideas should come with strong, relevant brand proofs that make you experience, sense and interact with the brand.

We believe that this approach creates brand positions that are not only strong and appealing – but also trustworthy and effective.

We believe that all communication should strike a balance between being relevant and interesting. But believing won’t get you anywhere.

That’s why we would like to prove it to you. Take a look at our proof driven cases or drop by for coffee.

This is Zupa


A new Brand Model

The Brand Substance Marketing Model is our framework for developing credible and strong brand positions for our clients. The model helps us identify brand proofs such as utilities, service concepts, products and digital services that can back up marketing communication with concrete service offerings.


Business-driven Insights

We always start by getting a solid understanding of the business objectives and marketing metrics that matter the most. We dive into market trends, map the competitive landscape and get to know the key stakeholders.

Based on this, we start to form creative concepts, brand proofs and media plans that can meet the your marketing challenges and take advantage of different media platforms.


Putting Customers First

Identifying the right brand proofs requires a thorough understanding of your customers (or citizens, patients or other stakeholders). Knowing the key drivers, desires, motivations and pains in the customer journeys is essential to identifying the right offerings at the right time in the right channels.

Putting customers first help us navigate in today’s complex marketing landscape of technology platforms and fast-changing marketing touch points. Keeping a firm eye on the key needs and pains is one of our most important fix points.


Creativity Meets Data

Another fix point is data. We like to look at your data to discover new insights, trends and marketing opportunities. We also use data as a platform for developing creative concepts that can deliver messages that are personal, relevant and interesting.

Once we launch, we use data to track and optimize performance to find out where we get the highest returns on the marketing investments. We also test new communications platforms and ad formats to find out which channels outperform others.


Personal, Relevant and Interesting

We believe that every piece of communication must strive to be as personal, relevant and interesting as possible. That’s why we work in teams of marketing strategists and specialists from various marketing disciplines who know their fields in-depth,

Currently, we employ experts in marketing and brand strategy, CRM and marketing automation, copywriting and SEO, art direction and graphic design, user experience and conversion optimization, social media, video production, frontend programming, data, analytics and creative technology.


A Strong Digital DNA

Zupa was founded back in 2003 as a purely digital agency, but has since added new marketing services.

But although our marketing offerings have grown into new areas, we have kept a strong digital DNA. This is evident in our way of approaching new projects, as well as in the channels we use to engage your audience.

From our office in Toldbodgade, we work with ambitious clients across private industries, political organizations and public institutions, including healthcare, finance and insurance, telecommunications, political campaigning, public transportation, travel and tourism.


Our Services


Our brand development services include creative concepts and campaigns as well as brand positioning, marketing planning, media strategies, market research, trend analysis and customer surveys.

Our digital services include website and app solutions, social media services, web analytics, SEO and SEM, personalization, user experience and customer journey mapping.

Our 1:1 marketing services include email marketing, marketing automation, customer journey mapping, lead generation and acquisition programmes, onboarding programmes, as well as win-back and exit programmes.

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