DONG Energy

Min Energi App

As a part of their brand promise, DONG Energy recently launched “Project: Get a Lower Energy Bill”. To  support the campaign, we developed the mobile app “Min Energi” by which people  can track and save their energy consumption.

By entering energy data in the app, everyone can view their energy consumption forecasts, compare their usage patterns to similar family types and estimate how much energy that is consumed by devices that are not in use.

To keep up the interest, the app comes with a competitive element that gives people a chance to win a prize every time they track their energy consumption in the app. Also, relevant saving tips popup and make it a little easier to save energy.


So far, the app has been downloaded more than 15,000 times – and more than 50,000 sets of data have been entered. All users have been exposed to relevant tips on how to save on their energy bill.


The app proves that DONG Energy is not only committed to helping people save energy – the company actually empowers people to save energy on a daily basis.