TDC Erhverv

Lifting results with marketing automation

TDC Business is constantly testing new ways of driving traffic and generating leads through direct marketing and email marketing.

In a move to make marketing more intelligent, we initiated an email-marketing program that sends trigger-emails based on prospective customers’ behaviour and interaction with specific content on the website.

The complexity of some b-t-b (B2B) solutions often requires a sustained decision process, which is why it is important to nurture the user for the entire period of time.

In the program, we identified a number of maturity levels  based on the user’s depth of interaction on the website. The maturity levels spanned all levels, from the casual visitor to the highly mature lead.

Depending on their maturity levels (lead scoring), web users were exposed to emails with the purpose of nurturing their interest and move them to the next level of maturity. Eventually, users were led all the way through the sales funnel.

Furthermore, a retargeting set-up was implemented using some of the same triggers and scoring model. This provided us with the opportunity to target our users with relevant messages in external channels.


The results are impressive so far . Some product areas have seen lead rates double or even triple.


Our work within marketing automation is a way to increase the relevance of the message to the individual customer by making the communication more intelligent.