Realkredit Danmark

Creating communication with substance

Loans are complex to understand for the ordinary consumer. When several actors on the market offer different kinds of mortgage loans and leave the consumer alone to make the final decision, it often results in doubt and fear – and the wrong choice. The mortgage loan is usually the largest loan an individual will make, and therefore has a great impact on daily quality of life

We launched an ambitious campaign – created in close collaboration with Realkredit Danmark. We wanted to PROVE that Realkredit Danmark is actually removing doubt when it comes to mortgage loans. We wanted to create a communication platform with SUBSTANCE.

The main message of the campaign was simple. Everyone with a Flex loan only had to make one decision regarding their interest adjustment: Should they keep or change their loan? Realkredit Danmark offered one recommendation for which loan would be right for the individual borrower. It might seem obvious that your financial adviser should only give you one recommendation – but Realkredit Danmark was the first to do it.

The campaign focused on the borrowers’ point of view and emotional state of mind. That included the balance between safety and risk, the ability to sleep undisturbed, and continue living one’s life peacefully – at least without worries about the mortgage. To make sure the campaign would work across borders and branch offices, it was important to present a distinct visual – and which was easy to understand. The main visual element was therefore the number one: One choice – one recommendation.



A test from TNS Gallup revealed that understanding the campaign’s message was positive, and that the rational and emotional messages resonated with the target group. Most importantly, the campaign successfully generated high motivation among the target group. Specifically, 15 % expressed that the campaign had provided them a more positive understanding of Realkredit Danmark against a benchmark in the category at 8%. An even larger group, 21%, of the target group reported that they were interested in becoming or remaining customers in Realkredit Danmark – more than twice the benchmark in the category at 10%.

The campaign also worked internally – within the company. It had been a challenge to create a thorough internal understanding of Realkredit Danmark’s products and counseling services. The loan-calculators, which were part of the campaign, have become a crucial part of internal understanding, and a strong tool in direct external communication.

The campaign therefore not only performed extraordinarily well on all communicative parameters, but it also contributed to a record-high market share for Realkredit Danmark after it was launched.



Our collaboration with Realkredit Danmark helped increase their share of the Danish mortgage loan market 9%.



Watch the video below (in Danish):