Digitizing a New Corporate Identity

Radius is the new name for DONG Energy Eldistribution. The name was recently changed to reflect the distinction between the two DONG Energy companies that either sells or transmits power.

By changing its name to Radius, DONG Energy Eldistribution wanted to make it absolutely clear that it does not sell power, but only acts as an infrastructure provider. Previously, people were unaware of the difference which caused confusion among the customers of both companies. 

Having changed their name and visual identity, Zupa was asked to bring the new identity online within the framework we had already established. The distinct blue colour was chosen as the primary visual signature for the website  – and as a way to distinguish it from the red sister company. 

Besides these changes, Zupa introduced an iconography that was developed for this particular website. The iconography was introduced to make it as easy and intuitive for the primary users of the website to navigate as quickly and efficiently as possible.


See the result at radiuselnet.dk