LO Plus

Discounts just Waiting for Attention

There are 800,000 LO Plus members in Denmark, but only about 20% are active users of the discount program. Our job was to make it easier for the customer to understand the concept of LO Plus, and its specific benefits. We also wanted to create awareness on the discount program by involving and engaging members – with the goal of increasing the number of LO Plus members.

Motivate and engage

We used publicity to motivate people to utilize the LO Plus card by clearly highlighting its benefits – and thereby engaging them to more frequently use their card through either the app or newsletter.


The solution

Together with LO Plus, we created a solution based on the various bargains the card offers. The creative slogan that followed was “There are many discounts – that just want some attention.” The key creative element was a spring that, by surprise, pops up in all imaginable places seeking attention.


The results

The results from the LO Plus campaign are confidential, but we can reveal that that feedback was very positive in terms of click-through rates, attention to the concept, downloads of the app and positive behavioral changes among cardholders – most important of all, an increase in using the card.


Watch the video below (in Danish):