Maersk Group

Doubling Search-Generated Traffic in Three Months

Maersk Group wanted to attract more organic traffic to its jobs and careers section. The traffic had to be qualified and the section should offer relevant information to the audience.

To tackle the challenge, we carried out a major keyword project that identified several hundred keywords  with high search volumes  and high relevance to the audience.

Having decided on the right keywords, we moved on to restructure and expand the content to ensure we had landing pages that could support the targeted keywords. As a part of the process, we designed a number of new user journeys to keep visitors interested once they arrived on the website.

We rewrote the content and created new SEO-tags. We also conducted a technical overhaul that removed previous barriers to indexing in Google.


In less than three months, the share of organic search traffic doubled. The bounce rate dropped dramatically to less than 40 %, and the number of page views rose by almost 50 %.


By taking a shared view of SEO, UX and copywriting, we were able to create a dramatic and lasting impact.