Enhancing the Digital Brand Experience

Sennheiser is recognized as a global leader in audio equipment such as headphones and microphones. Professional artists, call centres and audio enthusiasts all turn to Sennheiser for the ultimate sound experience.

Zupa has worked with Sennheiser to create an engaging digital user experience by redesigning and adding rich content to the gaming and office sections of the website.

Besides UX, design and SEO, we have added 3D models; interactive sound samples, video presentations and interactive tools that help users find the right headsets for their preferred gaming or office platforms.

Besides working on the digital brand experience, we have developed numerous digital campaigns to market headsets for both private consumers and B2B segments.


As a direct result of our digital work, we saw bounce rates drop to around 25 % – about twice as low as the average.


A great brand experience includes a great digital experience.


Sennheiser Office Headsets Call Center
Sennheiser Gaming Headset