Danske Bank

Financial Literacy

A recent survey shows that 59 % of the younger generation does not feel adequately prepared to manage their personal finances when they leave school. Children’s ability to make good financial decisions largely depends on their parents’ attitudes towards money.

For that reason, Danske Bank has developed a number of advisory services, educational materials and online games to stimulate financial skills and knowledge among children.

Introducing Money is the latest initiative in the programme. It is a universe developed for parents with tips and advice on how to help their children develop a healthy and responsible relationship to money and personal finances.

The universe is structured around five milestone ages in a child’s life from 0-18 years old. It enables the user to easily get age-specific and relevant tips. The universe is created as a horizontal scroll site where users can explore facts – and dive into in-depth articles along the way. The design is a combination of brightly coloured landscapes, low poly illustrations and three-dimensional avatars that bring the content ‘alive’ in a unique way.

The site provides a wide range of age-specific content supplied by finance experts and family counsellors such as articles on children’s milestones, statistics on children and money matters and links to interactive games, budget tools, and a Facebook page where young people can get help from financial advisors.


Introducing Money has been launched in eight countries with a mission to support parents in the dialogue with their children about money and finances – and to help shape a new generation of young adults who are ready to manage their personal finances when they leave school.


Introducing Money was chosen to the official Shortlist of The 5th Annual Lovie Awards in the Financial Services category among 1,500 entries from over 30 European countries.




Watch the case video below (in Danish):