Make People Move With Garmin

The Vivosmart® HR activity tracker is a ‘wearable life tracker’ from Garmin. In 2014 it was launched across Scandinavia with the help of Zupa.


In December 2015 Garmin wanted to create awareness for the new Vivosmart® HR and boost Christmas sales.

The campaign was designed to create awareness of the new and improved features of the Vivosmart® HR activity tracker, and to involve the audience with a fun and interactive competition: “Catch the Vivosmart® HR”.

With a strating point from Garmin’s brand substance of making people move, we used one of Copenhagen’s busiest pedestrian areas, the City Hall Square to not only create awareness for the Vivosmart® HR but make people engage in the format, the product and Garmin’s brand substance. A 19-meter-long LED screen formed the main starting point of the communication.

A film encouraged pedestrians to catch the Vivosmart® HR with their smartphone, by taking a photo the tracker whilst it was bouncing on the large screen. In doing so, this encouraged the audience to get moving. Once taken the photo could be uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag “#catchthevivosmart”. People were encouraged to move and have fun and sales increased by 10%.

The campaign was nominated to the award ‘Hegnspælen 2016’ for its contribution to using commercial formats in the city of Copenhagen creatively and to encourage people to be active.


See the 19 meter long LED billboard in action below