New Logo + New Responsive Website = More Sales Leads

Frontsafe is a leading provider of cloud-based data security solutions. However, they strongly needed to modernize their visual identity and create a mobile-friendly and usable website. Zupa helped with both projects, and we are proud that our work is already making a difference!

To bring Frontsafe’s visual appearance and web presence up to date, Zupa joined forces with Designer Signe Bak to re-design the logo, re-image the graphic identity, and develop a new tone-of-voice. The content on the website was re-organized, re-written and re-designed to make the user experience better – and to communicate the (complex) service offerings more clearly.

We are proud that the work has already made measurable results. The website now has a more professional appearance, and it’s become easier to understand the business and services. In addition to this, the number of incoming leads from the website has taken a leap since the new website was launched.

Thomas Bak, CSO and Partner in Frontsafe, puts it this way:

“We are very pleased with the website! As a matter of fact, we’ve seen a significant increase in the amount of leads we receive from the contact form on our website. Moreover, it has become much easier for our users to understand our services and the difference between our main business areas”.