Product Branding and Digital Sales Generation for Innovative Business Software

Zupa has helped Innovative Business Software (IBS), a software developer, with a rebranding process that has involved several steps. During the process, we came up with a new name and concept for their product, highlighted their strongest case stories, designed a new website and created a digital lead generation mechanism to strengthen their sales efforts.

Innovative Business Software is a world leading Danish technology company. Since 1982, they have been developing security management software for private and public alarm receiving centres and alarm monitoring stations. Today, they are one of the leading providers of critical infrastructure used by the police, fire brigade, the armed forces and private security companies.

The Challenge

Innovative is now taking the next step by entering new markets and expanding into new industries. Doing so requires strong marketing communication, clear value propositions, and a digital platform to support marketing, service and sales. To help them achieve this, Zupa renamed their software product from interVIEW to Innovative Security Manager, and built a new website that will play a supportive role in their growth ambitions.

The website presents the product benefits and features under a new name, unfolds their main cases and success stories – and it targets all segments and industries, including new ones such as airports and university campuses. Furthermore, the site is especially designed to attract and collect sales leads on an ongoing basis. In this way, the website is intended to be a combined sales and marketing hub that will play a central role in their future marketing initiatives.