DONG Energy

Rebranding the online experience of DONG Energy

As part of a major redesign of DONG Energy’s online presence, Zupa has reorganized and rewritten all content on the consumer websites, including meta-tags. The new website is made as a responsive design solution that incorporates the new online design principles as well as best-practice principles for SEO.

Throughout the process, a wide range of stakeholders has been involved, and we have carried out extensive data analytics studies. This way, we have been able to build user journeys that both support the business goals and the top user tasks.

As a part of the redesign, we have incorporated new content sections that support the brand promise: “Project: Get a Lower Energy Bill”. To that end, we have developed a number of interactive energy calculators, which make it possible to identify your own energy profile and to spot possible areas of energy savings, including the new mobile app: Min Energi.


A truly user-centered web presence that supports the overall business objectives across all platforms.


Visit the energy savings section and get tons of tips for a lower energy bill.