Realkredit Danmark

Removing The Doubts On Mortgage Loans

“Remove the doubt” is a communication platform created by Realkredit Denmark. We were to create a campaign designed to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Through cooperation with Realkredit Denmark, we started the creative process by discussing and considering what could remove the doubt that many Danes have regarding mortgage loans – enabling them to better anticipate consequences and opportunities.


The solution

We created a counseling tool that enables RealKredit consultants to provide accurate and individual assistance to the many Danish customers who wanted to better understand interest adjustments – from a variety of perspectives – including the personal-, financial- and market-related – today and looking ahead.


The communication

Our campaign, which is experienced as a counseling tool, takes the customer through a step-by-step plan – considering the future, personal goals and market situation. Our communication platform answers a range of  questions and reduces the doubt related to mortgage loans.


Watch the video below (in Danish):