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The World’s Most Relaxing Film

A 16.4 % growth in the number of tourists, a 1,000 % increase in foreign web traffic, more than two million video views across the entire world, and over 130,000 online articles written about Western Zealand! Those were the impressive results of the most successful Danish tourist video in 2015.

Although short of major attractions, we quickly realized that Western Zealand is rich on thefeatures that modern families and couples miss the most: Peace and quiet, scenic nature, and a much more relaxed and laid-back lifestyle than can be found in the big cities.

Before making the video, we went out and interviewed a number of experts about stress and relaxation in order to identify the right formula for the video: The most relaxing sound, the most relaxing sceneries, the most relaxing camera angles, and so forth. But it didn’t stop there…

To check out if the video actually made people relax, we equipped a test audience with pulse watches and followed their heart rates during a video session in a movie theatre. During the video we could literally follow the pulse rate decrease with more than 10 % on average. It worked!


The video was shared by VisitVestsjælland and was quickly picked up by international media such as Business Insider, Mashable and Huffington Post. From there it went viral and exploded to receive more than two million (and counting) views.

More importantly, it increased foreign web traffic tenfold, and hotel bookings in Western Zealand rose by more than 15 % last year alone. This year the trend has continued upwards with an additional 10 %.


Western Zealand is now the second-most viewed tourist site in Denmark, having passed both Aarhus and Aalborg. In August alone, the website attracted 135.000 visitors in a market that is generally declining.



Watch the the 2-minute case video on the making of the world’s most relaxing film below: