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With 800,000+ satisfied guests a year, Djurs Sommerland is the no. 1 theme park in Scandinavia. We’ve been along for the ride since 2006, bringing tigers, dragons and dinosaurs to life on screen, online and on print.

In our films for Djurs Sommerland, we invite viewers into magical worlds where anything can happen. The films mix 3D animation, live-action, cinematic music and compelling storytelling to appeal to the imagination of kids and parents alike. And it works. Our latest film got 2 million YouTube views in less than two months.

Today, amazing theme park experiences start online. We’ve designed Djurs Sommerland’s website to match the real-world experience: fun, engaging, and easy to navigate. The site is based on thorough research into user journeys and designed to bring out smiles.

Flyers, ads and display banners all play important roles in Djurs Sommerland’s marketing mix. Every year, we develop a key visual that captures the essence of new attractions and activate it across media.

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Djurs Sommerland truly has something for everyone. And to ensure this message gets across, we have developed the brand platform “Sjovere for alle” (more fun for everyone). Moving forward, this will serve as a guiding light for all communication.

Working with Djurs Sommerland has been thrilling ride. We can’t wait for the next decade and half.

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