Data-driven cow art puts Friland on the map

By turning GPS data from grazing cows into creative communication, we helped Friland document animal welfare and boost sales.



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For Friland, animal welfare means freedom. The freedom for cows to graze the fields and roam without restrictions. When Friland asked us to share this compelling message with consumers, we decided to show it, not tell it.

By strapping small GPS trackers on selected Friland cows, we were able to document their exact routes from farm to field and back again in real-time. Each cow created its own unique pattern. We turned the patterns into numbered prints, designer merchandise, and traditional campaign elements.

Website visitors could keep track of each cow in real-time and get unique insights into the life of an organic Friland cow.

The campaign delivered tangible results, including a 237% increase in time spent on site and an 11% spike in sales. It also boosted the Friland brand to no. 10 on the Sustainable Brand Index DK.

Total sales increase


More time spent on site


Engagement rate above average

+ 1571%

Brand Index DK




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