Marketing with Substance

Brand Substance is a unique approach to branding developed by Zupa. Unlike most branding models, the Brand Substance model is developed with digital media landscapes and hyper-connected consumers in mind who expect marketing to be personalized, engaging and cross-platform.

The reason for Brand Substance is simple. According to a study conducted by Wilke, brands that offer strong marketing proofs are 40-50 percent stronger than the competition. In other words, strong brands do not emerge from talk and promises alone; they emerge from hands-on consumer experience across touchpoints. That’s where we help brands succeed.


Brand Substance in Practice

Zupa combines the Brand Substance with creative and coherent marketing solutions that provides compelling brand proofs throughout the user journey. We typically solve these types of jobs:


Creative platforms

A strong creative platform is the backbone of our work with Brand Substance. It sets the direction for further work and development of relevant brand proofs.


User journey mapping

We define personas and map user journeys to identify areas that can add value and brand proof. All from an end user perspective.


Brand proofs

Strong brand proofs are central to Brand Substance. We help brands develop innovative, digital services that make the brand more relevant and engaging.


Coherence and ecosystem

All creative materials must be tied together by a clear and distinct visual identity. Zupa helps create brand ecosystems that unite individual efforts.


Follow up and evaluation

Our work with Brand Substance is constantly being evaluated. We track performance of everything we do, and optimize it to identify the most efficient mix.



By definition, Brand Substance is omni-channel. We make sure that the underlying technology required to create great experiences is in place.


Service across disciplines and channels

Zupa is an integrated agency that works across several marketing disciplines and channels. We base our work on the specific strategic and tactical challenges that our customers’ brands are facing. As a customer at Zupa, you can use us for broad integrated marketing campaigns – or you can use us as a specialist agency within single disciplines.

Our services include:


Advertising and Branding

We create integrated, creative campaigns that take advantage of the opportunities of a complex media landscape. Our unique approach to branding ensures that our campaigns contribute to increased brand substance and a stronger image.


CRM and Marketing Automation

We work with all aspects of direct marketing. From physical direct mails to fully automated omni-channel programs. We help define KPI’s, develop customer journey maps, segmentations, rule management, creative execution, and follow-up plans.


Digital Marketing

We are experts in identifying digital opportunities for lead generation, sales and marketing. We make sure that our customers are “always-on” and employ the most cost-efficient mix of digital channels. Our experience spans B2C as well as B2B.


Websites and Apps

Since 2003, Zupa has created award-winning websites and digital tools for a broad range of customers in the private and public sector. We team up with strong technical partners to deliver solid solutions and we never compromise on the end result.


User Experience

User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX) form the backbone of much of our work. Our UX focus guarantees that the entire user journey is taken into account. We base our UX on best practices within usability and accessibility, as well as UX test results.


Design and Copy

Without great art direction, design and copy, there is no emotional appeal. We develop ideas and concepts, create CVI’s, graphical guidelines and writing guides that bring the brand to life and capture the essence of your brand’s DNA and unique identity.


Social Media

Zupa works with social media as an integrated part of our campaigns – always with a focus on Brand Substance and continuous, relevant presence. We help with all types of social media advertising, and we identify and engage with the right social influencers.


Video and radio

Zupa works with concepts, manuscripts and production of video and radio spots. We have our own in-house video production facility and produce TVCs and videos for digital media. We tap into our extensive network to find the best crew for your specific production.


Research Studies, Data Analysis and User Involvement

As an integrated part of our work processes, Zupa performs a range of analyses, research studies, data crunching, user involvement and testing. In this way, we are able to base our work on data and end user contributions rather than our own presumptions.


Tracking and ROMI

We believe that marketing investments should be measured for its effect. That’s why we follow up on our work by measuring key metrics and campaign costs. Our dashboards track the results of your marketing efforts – and we use it to increase your ROMI over time.


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