A secure search strategy doubled traffic in just three months

Maersk Group wanted to generate more organic traffic to their jobs and careers section. The traffic had to be qualified and the career section had to offer relevant information to the users.

Search strategy

Mærsk Group

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We prepared a large keyword project that identified several hundred relevant keywords with a high search volume.

After carefully selecting the most relevant keywords, we restructured and expanded the content track to ensure that all subpages in the careers section were equipped with the relevant keywords. As part of the process, we designed several new user journeys to ensure constant interest among visitors.

Among other things, we adapted the content and created new SEO tags as well as removed previous barriers in relation to indexing in Google.

In less than three months, the share of organic traffic doubled, the bounce rate dropped drastically to less than 40% and the number of page views increased by 50%. By ensuring a common focus with SEO, UX and copywriting, we ended up with a strategic and significantly more durable solution.

Less bounce rate


Page view increase



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