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How to design a new logo and supporting visual creative for to establish the digital mail app as the friendly face of digital post and deliver service with a smile.

Brand identity

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From bank statements to hospital appointments, Denmark runs on digital post. Most of the current solutions are managed by government agencies, adding a layer of implicit trust.

As a private company (and a relatively new player to the digital mail field), needed a logo that would allow them to build trust through association, while remaining differentiated.

As familiarity is a central aspect of building trust, the logo was designed in red and white. This allows to align with other digital post solutions in the market, benefitting from existing associations with safety and trustworthiness. But without fresh colours in our toolkit, how could we make sure that didn’t blend into the crowd?

Although the logo looks at home alongside similar apps, it has a cleaner, more modern expression, while the soft curves and rounded edges give it a friendlier and more human touch. The horizontal base of the ‘M’ looks like a smile, giving it a more joyful feel which is further reinforced by the use of smiling models for all lifestyle photography. offers many added benefits – like document signing – which aren’t available in similar apps. To symbolise this, we designed the flow of the letter to mimic a signature, adding movement with the animated dot. Also, the dot functions as a separate visual element, turning the logo into a versatile visual language, creating cohesion and subtly establishing recognisable brand codes across the whole universe.


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