The chance of you not knowing OK is now less than 5%

Supporting local sport clubs has increased OK’s brand recognition by 95%.

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For more than a decade, energy company OK has celebrated the unsung heroes of local sports in their TV ads, building a strong brand position along the way.

The slapstick comedy and likeable characters of the OK universe resonate broadly. Today, more than 95% of all Danes know the brand, and OK is by far the most liked brand in in the “Energy” category according to YouGov.

While the ad formula is now well-known, the creative universe continues to evolve. Our latest series of films is the first to follow a recurring main character across multiple ads –– in this case, a smalltown club manager willing to do whatever it takes to win.

OK – Den gode ide / 0:00
OK – Ja hatten / 0:00
OK – Jeanette Ottesen / 0:00

For each TV ad, we developed series of supporting video bumpers for digital channels. With a concept this well-established, 6 seconds was ample time to get the message across.

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OK / 0:00
OK / 0:00
OK / 0:00
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