The world’s first potato-based visual identity

A unique brand deserves a unique identity – and that was the exact starting point when we set out to give the ‘Ole’s Gård’ brand that special glow.

Brand identity

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Flexible, timeless and ripe with meaning.

The underscored L’s in the logo symbolize the role of Salling Group as a solid foundation for its brands. They also highlight the phrase “all-in” as a subtle nod to the company’s dedicated employees.
The colour scheme is flexible and modern, adding a range of playful complementary colours to the classic business blue. The font is Futura Bold with a 45° twist to match the company’s dynamic nature.

Ole's Gård

The world’s first potato-based visual identity

Sometimes you get to work with truly dedicated people, and Ole is indeed one of those people. At his farm in Jylland, which he hand-built using his own sustainable timber, Ole produces high-quality organic food with homegrown ingredients under the brand name “Ole’s Gård”.

Taking our starting point in Ole’s striking DIY farm-to-fork attitude, we designed a one-of-a-kind visual identity to help him communicate the essence of his brand across channels.


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