One word is worth a thousand pictures

Small typo sparks big debate about unhealthy body ideals in our society – and has proven a strong concept that continues to give rise to important discussions about diversity.


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Flexible, timeless and ripe with meaning.

The underscored L’s in the logo symbolize the role of Salling Group as a solid foundation for its brands. They also highlight the phrase “all-in” as a subtle nod to the company’s dedicated employees.
The colour scheme is flexible and modern, adding a range of playful complementary colours to the classic business blue. The font is Futura Bold with a 45° twist to match the company’s dynamic nature.


One word is worth a thousand pictures

Muskelsvindfonden (The Muscular Dystrophy Foundation) asked us to help communicate a simple but extremely important message: our society should have room for everyone, regardless of how they look. The campaign had to go beyond muscular dystrophy and address the culture of perfection, which permeates all aspects of our society, without pointing fingers. 

To put perfection on the agenda, we decided to redefine the word itself with a small but well-placed typo. “Pærfekt” was first launched in 2019 at the Danish democracy festival, Folkemødet with a “Gin and Croquis” event. Here, guests had the chance to draw perfectly imperfect naked people while enjoying gin distilled using discarded botanicals like crooked cucumbers.


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New identity creates a solid foundation for Salling Group