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With the launch of a new dedicated line of more sustainable product choices, Silvan needed a way to integrate their sustainability story with their established brand positioning. And so, we gave them a private label created with care.

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Although Silvan sell home improvement and building supplies, their brand positioning sets them apart from traditional DIY stores. Why build when you can create?

The solution we created for Silvan’s new sustainability-focused product line takes its lead from the existing brand story, ‘Skab noget’ – meaning ‘create something’. It centres around a simple yet powerful phrase – ‘Skabt med omtanke’ – which translates to ‘created with care.’ This phrase functions not only as the name of the range, but also as a headline that appears on every product.

Skab noget (Create something) #1 / 0:00
Skab noget (Create something) #2 / 0:00

Underneath the headline, each product features the individual proof points showing what makes it a more sustainable choice. For their moving boxes, this proof point is FSC certification, while their paints have the official Svanemærket ecolabel for products from the Nordic countries. By doing this, we were able to help Silvan build their sustainability story, while continuing to build on their established brand story.

To bring the campaign to life, we created a TV commercial, creating the connection between their established story of creativity, and their sustainability efforts. The film, which sees a young woman moving out of home for the first time, centres around the concept of ‘upcycling’, and inspires people to take a second look.

Silvan — Skabt med omtanke / 0:00

Finally, we created a separate visual identity for the range, which is aligned with the rest of the Silvan branding, but clearly distinctive. This allows customers in store to easily identify which products are sustainable choices, as well as creating room for more creative outdoor executions, like the moving box vans.

Skabt med omtanke (Created with care) / 0:00

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Why build when you can create?