Why build when you can create?

Sometimes making brands glow means reframing the entire category. By shifting focus from “build” to “create”, we helped Silvan stand out in a red ocean of traditional DIY retailers.

Brand platform


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When Silvan asked us to develop a new brand platform, that’s exactly what we did. Instead of focusing on large-scale home improvement projects, we highlighted the playful aspects of DIY, encouraging people to create.

The concept “Skab noget…” was rolled out across digital channels, TV, and print media. To spearhead the campaign, we created an ambitious 2-minute film which proved, once and for all, that viewers are willing to reward quality with attention. And +5 million views on Youtube.

Every touch point was activated to support the new brand position, including the product catalogue. Instead of product offers, readers would find inspirational DIY projects made entirely with Silvan products.

To add a bit of extra glow to the Silvan brand, we revitalized both their logo and visual identity by adding attention-grabbing colours and modern fonts to the mix.


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